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15-Minute Thrillers

Introducing 15-Minute Thrillers©. I got tired of reading 300-page novels for just 15 minutes or less of action. So, I cut out the B.S., which was usually just a long set up or a lot of whining, and I'm just giving you the action. The next time you’re waiting for an oil change, in a long line at a big box store, or just in between meetings, read a 15-Minute Thriller. Enjoy!



15-Minute Thrillers: Volume 1


15-Minute Thrillers: Volume 2


A Gift of Sorrows



I'm actually quite surprised he accomplished anything. I mean, he's always been a good writer but...

Jim's brother

Everything he does is wonderful. He's handsome and smart and the fact that he is successful writer doesn't surprise me at all!

Jim's mom

So, I can retire now?

Jim's wife

In The Press



Jim’s nascent writing career actually began in 3rd grade when he penned a spy thriller full of blood and mayhem. His teachers probably wondered what his parents let him watch on TV (Bond movies, to be exact) but gave him good grades anyway. In between there were sports, band, Boy Scouts, world travel, marriage, kids, a career that consistently provided a paycheck and benefits; you know, life.

Realizing that life wasn’t getting any longer Jim took the plunge back into writing. Wait, that’s wrong. He took the plunge back into showing people his writing because he has actually never stopped writing. From his cluttered office, looking out the window at his very suburban Northern Virginia front yard, Jim imagines places, times and adventures that entertain him and hopefully, if even for just a brief moment, takes you away from the stresses of daily life.



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